Doh! It's ToH!

Wandering Monsters, Lost Adventurers


  1. Slowly explored a set of doors, Dale saves Myles from skeleton deathtrap
  2. Trolling secret passageways, firing an infinite amount of magical arrows. Now the party has an arguably infinite amount of arrows to test traps with.
  3. Hughes runs fast, carrying a dwarf through set of said secret doors. Jo da Dragon/Myles punches their way through the walls instead
  4. Found a second great hallway, many illusionary orbs were messed with, many traps disarmed and obtained
  5. Ambushed by wandering shadows, all dispatched within a single segment, save for one which slunk away with PTSD.
  6. Found a stone gargoyle with 4 arms, one broken off- Jo tosses the broken one through a portal, never to be seen again, to the evil laughter of the DM.
  7. Uh oh.
  8. Much testing of secret portals, finding a one-way teleportation from near entrance to end of second great hallway.
  9. Dale opens a chest, spawns snakes. Animal-talking drunk monk had companions, led them out of the tomb.
  10. Dale tries again, spawns a giant monster. Runs out through it’s legs, hiding for the win.
  11. Continuing through secret passageway, find chapel inside this evil place. Seems to be for a zombie town. Interesting.
  12. Oh, the altar shoots lightning and explodes. Griffith says ouch.
  13. What’s this doorway? Oh, Nicholas is now a girl. Ok then….
  14. Myles undergoes mitosis, now has a twin brother under the control of Jo. Who promptly goes through said doorway several times, switches sex and alignment around, loses all his/her items and clothes, spawns at the entrance of the dungeon (naked), runs in to the demon’s mouth sculpture, touches a sphere of annihilation, and dies instantly. Fun!
  15. Oh, a secret passage!
  16. Found a possible pagan ritual, but went back and found a secret passageway as the prophetic message said there would be. Oh, and of course, another wandering monster appears.
  17. 4 armed demon. GG.
  18. Oh wait, spiderman-venom-drunk-kleptomaniac-monk blinded it with acid? Phillip pulls off another flying backstab, and down it goes!



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