Griffith [Daniel]

Paladin with ambitions of glory


Race: Human
Lvl: 12, Paladin
HP: 81
AC: 0

Base Stats
STR: 10
INT: 9
WIS: 13
DEX: 6
CON: 16
CHA: 18

Common, Elvish

+1 Armour, +2 Shield, Ring of Fire Resist
+1 Flaming Longsword, weakass nerf Holy Sword

Paladin Skills:
Detect Evil
Immune to Disease
Turn Undead
Lay on Hands
Call Warhorse
Holy Sword Protection

Clerical Spells:
[Lvl 1] Cure Light Wounds
[Lvl 1] Sanctuary
[Lvl 2] Find Traps
[Lvl 2] Silence


Ingame achievements

  • Very cautious.
  • Accidentally vaporized a follower due to thirst for knowledge.
  • Charismatic enough to bargin with Death incarnate.
  • Enemies disintegrated: 4

Character inspiration comes from:
Griffith, from Berserk Wiki – WARNING, SPOILERS

Griffith [Daniel]

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