Doh! It's ToH!

Diplomacy (By Various Means)


Sneak Attacks by Philip: 4

Hughes runs very, very fast. Enough so to kite 3 wraiths almost by himself, and letting Philip and his ridiculous stealth backstab 3 wraiths, right one after another. All of the wraiths whiff their attacks, and die in Nicholas’ druidic fire without de-leveling anybody. We cautiously move inside, and clear out a great number of traps in the first passageway, including traps within traps within traps. A consequence of this, indirectly, is finding the Deck of Many Things…..

Deck of Many Things:
Griffith drew first, out of ambition: Gained a city with populace who pays tithe and set Charisma to 18. However, he already had 18 charisma and a keep to himself, so he instead gained another castle, both the gained castle and his previous one magically grew in size, and he gained a 35% increase in henchmen loyalty/reaction adjustment. This came in handy quite quickly….

Nicholas drew next out if impatience: +2 Attribute to stat of choice, and so his health went up by 28.

Philip drew, for dreams of wealth and glory: He earned two wishes, with two minutes to decide. Wished for: Everyone in the party to enter the dungeon gets the ability to cast the strongest healing spell (all health healed except 1d4 damage), and for a “Permanent, non-dispellable true vision applied to all party members entering the Tomb of Horrors”. Unfortunately, he said True Vision, not true sight, the spell he was looking for. So, we all got a prophetic vision about some traps in the tomb… because true sight would be rather OP.

Last Myles drew… DEATH. And so, Death incarnate appeared in our midst.
But. A certain paladin has a quite high charisma indeed…..

So began a dialogue with death (and yes, recursion was attempted: The GM wouldn’t allow though…), while in the meantime, in a ridiculous feat of stupidity and luck, Philip managed to pick the pockets of Death, grabbing a Grimore of some unknown sort.

Due to the nature of our quest, attempting to take down a Demi-Lich who had previously attained the position of Death itself, Griffith successfully bargained with Death as to leave us be. However, all the party members received a mysterious curse mark on their face…..

Moving into the next room, a mutated stone-gargoyle was encountered, and promptly rendered unconscious with pretty lights. Philip performed a coup de grace, dealing 60 points of damage, and this session ended with various members attempting to read the Grimore, and one of Griffith’s henchmen turning to dust in the attempt.



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